Home security: Using CCTV cameras or hiring a security guard

When you will choose to guard also your house and have security what would you choose? Would you prefer to install CCTV or hire a security guard? Many of houses today are secured with these security gadgets or with a security guard. It is more common and needed for businesses. It is a necessary thing that they cannot avoid as security is one of the most important concerns as they can have many troubles and problems if they do not provide security.

The advantages of using CCTV cameras installed in your house premises let you know exactly what is happening and who enters into your house. Your CCTV records it all and you can have physical evidence. You just need to install it in your house and monitors it regularly. When something happens you can immediately take action as it streams and records live all the activities.

How about a security guard? It is also a good choice as you can have a peace of mind as someone is guarding and monitoring your house physically that can take immediate action on something that happens.

Then what would you choose? Both choices have their own advantages so it is also not easy to decide. If you have the financial capacity then you can just avail of the two. You can review your CCTV records and also rely on your security guard. You can sit in front of your 會議桌 and do what you have to do without having to worry much on your security.