Cyber Crime: Meaning and Common types

Do you have any idea about cyber crime? This term is also the same with computer crime. The crime here do not only involve any computer but their is also a network. When you do not have internet connection and use only your computer for encoding or watching then it can be safe. It automatically changes when you have internet connection. Cyber crime can affect you as their is a network involve. Cyber crime can affect one person or group of persons. It can give problem to the whole nation also.

As having an internet connection cannot be avoided especially if you work online or has a family member who needs regular researching or simply to be connected to the world, being crime conscious is also important. It can affect each member of the family, a business or a government. We hear news of hacking to national government websites and it reveals a weakness and also a loophole in the security of the system. It is good if they do not do it and leak any information or even sell it.


The types of this cyber crimes are theft of information, malicious software infection, hacking, and also theft of identity. When hackers steal personal and confidential information, the person or business or organization involve is in great risk. Information they hack includes complete name, financial information and passwords. It can be use to buy things for the hackers using stolen credit cards. Thankfully there are people who know about this and go now to make efforts to provide solution.