Information Security

Do you know about privacy and security? Well then this website is just right for you, through this we can understand software program security, to begin I like to emphasize that  protecting software program file lies at the very heart of computer security the statement does not apply exclusively  to system software but  rather applies to all kinds of  of software programs  including applications operating  systems databases  management systems software programs that run within network hardware  software programs that  that are embedded within intelligence  circuitry and so forth.

The CIA security means Confidentiality integrity and availability note that in the context of software program security software a software program can be considered  secure if it enforces or provides for this three elements  of the security triad further it is important to realized that ensuring program security is a very difficult task  there are atleast four reasons  for this. Implementing program security often causes problems  with respect to the usefulness r performances of a software program, And this is a critically important point to understand it , It is essentially impossible to ensure that a software program does only what it is designed to do  and nothing more  although it is relatively straight forward to determine  whether a program can perform, all of the task it was deigned to perform guaranteeing that the program will perform only those tasks  and that it cannot perform in any other  task is virtually impossible, and the techniques used in the programming of the software