AntiSniff is a new class of proactive security monitoring tool. It has the ability to scan a network and detect whether or not any computers are in promiscuous mode. This is often a sign that a computer has been compromised. With AntiSniff, administrators and security teams can finally get a handle on who is watching network traffic at their site.
Antisniff was designed to detect compromized machines with IP stacks that a remote attacker could utilize to sniff network traffic. It was not designed to detect hardware based network probes or special purpose network analyzers which an attacker would need physical access to install.

Find out why this is an important breakthrough and how it works in the AntiSniff Overview.

New Maintenance Release – Antisniff Researchers Version 1-1-2 for Unix
Proper definition of variables as unsigned for the bug that Sebastian found in the DNS fix done for the researchers version (unix only). Download AntiSniff
New Maintenance Release – Antisniff 1.02 for NT and Researchers Version 1-1-1 for Unix
We have released AntiSniff 1.02 and Researchers version 1-1-1. This release closes a potential security vulnerability. We recommend that all users download the update. Download AntiSniff
Bill Machrone from PC Magazine Recommends AntiSniff
The mainstream computer press is starting to take notice of AntiSniff as a proactive network security tool. Bill Machrone from PC Magazine recommends checking out AntiSniff and our facinating technical files in his latest column, How Do I Hack Thee?
Windows NT Magazine Reviews Antisniff
Windows NT Magazine says that “Antisniff is a great tool for your security toolkit.” Read the full review.
AntiSniff Version 1.01 Released
The bugs have been fixed and the performance has been tuned! We are pleased to announce the release of AntiSniff 1.01 in this Press Release.

Download AntiSniff 1.01 Now!
What are the Goals and the Purpose of Antisniff?
With many new, ground breaking products there is some confusion about what the purpose and goals of the tool are. To help clarify where AntiSniff fits into an organization’s security defense, we have produced a position statement for the product. We hope this will help in understanding what AntiSniff can and cannot do.

The Goal and Purpose of AntiSniff
AntiSniff Beta 2 Is Now Available
The Beta 2 of AntiSniff is now available on the download page. This release fixes many problems people were having with certain network cards.
L0pht Announces AntiSniff in a Press Release
The AntiSniff press release is now available.
AntiSniff Technical Paper Available
The AntiSniff documentation section now includes a technical paper describing the way AntiSniff works.
L0pht Announces AntiSniff at Black Hat Briefings
Dr. Mudge described the features and technical workings of AntiSniff before a packed crowd of security professionals at The Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas.

Technical details and a trial version for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 coming very soon.

Hacker Think Tank To Unleash Anti-Sniff Tools, InternetWeek